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What we offer to Pittsburgh?

Driving School in Pittsburgh

Behind-the-Wheel Lessons from Experienced Driving Instructors

Our team of qualified instructors have years of experience in the field. Cindy Cohen School has a team of six instructors and five cars that service the Greater Pittsburgh area. If you are looking for driving lessons in Pittsburgh, we have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs and help each student achieve success either behind the wheel or in the classroom.


"2014 Best of Pittsburgh"

“2014 Best of Pittsburgh”

#1 driving school in Pittsburgh

We understand that obtaining a driver’s permit or a driver’s license is a stressful process. Our instructors also understand that new drivers are naturally nervous and apprehensive. We enjoy watching this nervousness and fear gradually dissipate with our continued support, guidance, and instruction.

We take pride in the fact that Cindy Cohen School¬† is one of the best reviewed providers of driving lessons in Pittsburgh and the Greater Pittsburgh area.¬† This is because each of our students receives personal instruction that prepares them for their learner’s permit and Pennsylvania Driver’s License Exam. Our team has the necessary experience and expertise to guide them through this endeavor and ready them for their tests. We have multiple testimonials and reviews from previous students who we have worked with.


Why Choose Us For Driving Lessons in Pittsburgh?

  • Quality instruction from a top rated Pittsburgh area driving school
  • Our team or experienced instructors have the know-how to help students succeed
  • Personal behind the wheel instruction
  • Preparation for the Pennsylvania Driver’s License Exam


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There is no better way to become a safe and responsible driver than to obtain driving lessons from an experienced instructor. While it’s an instinctual nature of a parent to want to teach their son or daughter how to drive, getting lessons from an accredited Pittsburgh driving instructor is a much more effective path for new drivers to acquire their license. An anxiety-ridden beginning driver accompanied by a frazzled overreactive parent is a recipe for frustration for both parties.

When new drivers have a driving instructor teaching them how to drive rather than a parent, sibling or friend, they tend to have more confidence on the roadway and when it comes time to take their actual test with the DMV.

Reduced insurance costs are another benefit of taking driving lessons in Pittsburgh and its suburbs to the North, South, East, and West. We also serve Cranberry Township. Most auto insurance companies offer discounts to young drivers that complete a driver’s education program. This is because drivers that take an approved driver training course to improve their skills and learn safe driving behaviors are statistically less likely to drive irresponsibly or get into at-fault accidents.


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