Ready to learn to drive an RV?

Learn from instructors with more than 30 years of experience, either at your location or ours! Call Cindy or Ron to schedule an appointment at 412-580-0027
If you’re looking to learn how to drive an RV, you can either use your vehicle or ours, and we will give you the proper instruction to learn how to drive and maneuver your RV. Through proven techniques and patient instruction, we can give you the confidence and ability to effectively handle your RV in a variety of situations and traffic scenarios. We can come to your location, or you can take lessons at our location. Additional charges may apply for travel and lodging expenses.

Our lessons cover the following areas:

  • Pre-trip safety inspection of your RV
  • Mirrors – proper adjustment and use
  • Brakes – testing and safe use
  • Backing – how to back straight or into an RV site
  • Negotiating corners including the “swing out” technique
  • Dealing with city and interstate driving and on and off ramps
  • Mountain and hill safe driving
  • Gas stations – moving in and out
  • Negotiating tight spots
  • GPS – why they are important to the safe operation of your RV.
  • Campground maneuvering
  • The courtesies of driving a large vehicle
  • Lane management – Staying in your lane
  • Defensive driving
  • Proper lane changes
  • And more!

Our price:

Private Lesson $450 per hour (three-hour minimum)
We encourage a partner to ride along.