Pricing for Driving Lessons

90 Minutes Behind the Wheel – $105 per Lesson

2 hours Behind the Wheel – $140 per Lesson

Testing (3 Hours) – $185

Online Theory – $99

Driving Lessons

We have years of experience teaching students how to become safe drivers. We work with any student whether they have never driven behind the wheel or have many hours driving experience. Instructors will teach students how to drive in all types of weather conditions, including snow, rain, and fog (if weather permitting). In addition, we have a system that instructs students how to easily parallel park. Behind the wheel training includes: vehicle control, control of the wheel, accelerator, brakes, awareness of intersections, getting the whole picture,our easy method of parallel parking, highway and mirror skills, school bus safety, the steer clear law. Insurance Company May Reduce Your Rate Upon Completion of the course at Cindy Cohen School. Cindy Cohen School offers a certificate for drivers who complete a minimum of six hours of driving instruction and a 30-hour online course. This certificate may reduce your insurance costs.

2 hours Behind the Wheel – $140

These are examples of lessons we teach behind the wheel. We can teach separate lessons if you need to work on a specific area. You do not need to purchase all four lessons.

Examples of our driving lessons:

  1. First lesson will consist of vehicle control, brakes and gas control, wheel control, hand over hand technique, awareness of intersections, signs etc.
  2. As long as the student has mastered the first lesson, the second lesson teaches parallel parking and learning how to control the vehicle in a small, confined area.
  3. Third lesson will be learning to drive on the highway, proper use of the mirrors, lane changes and a trip to Pittsburgh International Airport. Alternate routes are used when the airport is not accessible.
  4. The fourth lesson is a practice test at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Penn Hills, Allison Park, Bridgeville, Greensburg, or New Kensington. To use our company cars for the exam, the student needs to be approved by one of our instructors.

Testing – 3 Hours ($185)

  • Approximately 2 hours of Practice
  • 1 hour for the exam and transportation back to your home, school, or work.

Online Theory ($99)

Click to Link for Online Theory Class


Prices are subject to change according to fuel cost:
Sometimes we may run late because of traffic:
We have a 24 hour cancellation policy, any student wanting to cancel a lesson must call the office 24 hours ahead of their scheduled lesson time or they will be charge the full amount of the lesson.