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My goal for myself was to get my license during my winter break and thanks to Freddie I did it today. I took six lesson with Freddie that helped me a lot!! I’ve driven several times before this but not consistently and not enough to take my test and pass. Freddie taught me how to get over my fears when driving over bridges and also helped me with parallel parking. I thought it was going to be really hard learning how to parallel park but it was fun and I’m pretty good at it. He’s very positive and doesn’t let you beat yourself up because of your mistakes he helps you improve them. I also love the cars, they are comfortable, easy to drive and the colors are super cute.

Maur’Shea Morgan


I approached Cindy Cohen School towards the end of 2016, and planned on a compact series of lessons. The school took care of all my last minute requests very efficiently, and worked on a schedule that easily fits mine.
As an instructor, Tim Keegan provided invaluable advice and guidance. He was extremely attentive and listened to all my concerns with a great deal of patience. I had zero experience behind the wheel, and it was with his encouragement that boosted my confidence. I would especially like to commend Tim for his professionalism and excellent skills.

A big thank you to Tim and Cindy Cohen school for their teachings and support.

Camellia Zakaria


Cindy Cohen is definitely an excellent school. It well responded to my time and particular lesson requests for driving practice. It also satisfactorily arranged a car and a good instructor accompanying me to the road test. I learnt driving with three different instructors (Lenny, Tim and Dave). All of them were professional, conscientious, and friendly. I did pass the road test right at the first time. I highly recommend Cindy Cohen to my friends and family members!

Dao Nguyen


I took my driver’s test on my own twice before and i failed. I never thought about going to driving school because i always thought it was too expensive but after failing my drivers test i made the decision to go. I called and scheduled my first lesson with Fred and i was very pleased, he was very patient with me and also gave compliments. After 1 lesson i scheduled my drivers test, i was very nervous. I took my drivers test with lenny who was very encouraging and on the first try i passed my drivers test!! Im very thankful and i want to thank cindy cohen’s school of diving for helping me pass my test.

Shailyn Hughes


Her driving school is fantastic, and through the help of my driving instructor Freddie, got me my license’s. Her people all seem very nice, and talented, but my instructor has to be one of the best! He’s understanding, passion, and never makes you scared of driving, with him. Cindy herself is very nice, and willing to help you find a way to take her school’s lesson and pass your test. Also her school’s doesn’t discriminate against people, even if there may be a languages barrier. I would recommend her lessons to anyone out there, who’s serious about driving! Also if you can get Freddie, get Freddie you won’t be disappointed. P.S. I’m also a full time college student, with a job, so anyone can take her lessons. Her school will find the time for you!

Laderionte Johnson


I signed up for just two classes. The first we went over parallel parking, and I realized that hour and a half was worth the 90$!!!!!! I thought I had an idea of it, but they broke it down for me to a science. So worth the time, and money. I took so much away from that one lesson.

Hannah Maley


I had wonderful driving lessons with Freddie and Cindy. Passed my test on the first try. Recommend this driving school.

Alexa Grill


Best School & Instructors Ever!!! Passed with a perfect score from the first attempt!!! Amazing school. Thanks guys!

Ramy Shehata


Pittsburgh is one of the best places to learn driving because of the variety of terrain and weather you are likely to experience. Among the various driving schools in Pittsburgh, I choose Cindy Cohen after considerable research. What I was concerned about at the time especially as an international student, was my ability to change from driving a stick shift on the left side of the road to an automatic on the right while following various signs and signals. Lenny, who was my driving instructor was patient yet firm from the very beginning. He was well aware of the differences between the driving I was used to and the driving I was supposed to do. He gave me a wealth of information not just about the course on which the test was taken but about driving in Pittsburgh in general and the various state laws. I passed my driving test with a perfect run on my first attempt and it was all thanks to Lenny and Cindy Cohen’s driving school. Highly recommended, especially for international students looking to get their license in Pittsburgh.

Sreecharan Sankaranarayanan


I never thought I would hire someone to teach my son to drive, I have been driving for 34 years. Then he failed his first test….It is amazing how much we forgot to remember. Things we do every day that we don’t realize enough to verbalize to our kids. I learned from that mistake, one call to Cindy and I think every student should go through her coarse! They are patient and thorough constantly pointing things I didn’t even know! Listen….we love our kids, Cindy Cohen School of driving the way to give them their best chance of not only passing, but becoming a safe, responsible driver!!!

Sherri Mckillop


This school has one of the best instructors around, especially for students who have little or no experience behind the wheel. After failing the driving test for the first time, I took two behind-the-wheel lessons from two different instructors namely Freddie and Ron. Both were extremely kind and understanding. Ron drove me to the driving center and we practiced for an hour before the test. Driving under the supervision of these instructors made me a confident and better driver. If you are looking to improve or learn driving, look no further. At Cindy Cohen, emphasis is on “safe and confident driving”.

Varun M


HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I was extremely nervous when I took the first lesson, because it was my first time behind the wheel. Cindy made me feel totally relax and comfortable. My instructor Glen is a very good teacher. Thanks to Cindy and Glen’s patient training that let me pass my driving test on the first time. The most important thing is you made me be a safe and confident driver. Thanks!

Jing Ren


HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I was extremely nervous when I took the first lesson, because it was my first time behind the wheel. Cindy made me feel totally relax and comfortable. My instructor Glen is a very good teacher. Thanks to Cindy and Glen’s patient training that let me pass my driving test on the first time. The most important thing is you made me be a safe and confident driver. Thanks!

Lauren Sief


The staff at Cindy Cohen driving school was very professional and accommodating when scheduling driving lessons for my two 16 year old kids. The driving instructor, Fred, was extremely friendly, easy to talk with and courteous. He spent time with me and we worked together to come up with a good plan of lessons that would be beneficial for my kids. Fred always phoned before coming to let me know when he would be arriving. I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor and also recommend Cindy Cohen’s driving school as well. Thank you to all.

Ron Krhovsky


I was happy with my driving instruction! The driving instructors were communicative and helpful, always giving good advice. They were great at building me up with positive reinforcement. I took the test with Lenny teaching and he was especially great at making sure I was ready. His parallel parking tips were especially useful. Even after I passed the test, he was still giving me practical advice for future driving. A nice mix of test preparation and real life advice.

Laura Ramie


I can’t say enough good things about this driving school. I wanted to learn to drive for a very long time and no matter who I tried to drive with, I would get nowhere. I finally called this driving school and had Freddie as my instructor. Freddie was calm, patient, and was also confident in my driving. I easily lost my nervousness and started to realize that I can do this. Freddie helped me master the skills of driving, fix my mistakes, and made driving seem really easy. I even went to my road test with Freddie and he went over everything and pointed out mistakes students make and how to avoid them. I passed at Penn Hills on my first try without a problem thanks to the things I learned from Freddie and my examiner even complimented me on my driving. Thank you Cindy Cohen School of Driving, and thank you Freddie!

Kerem Dogan


Hi – Just wanted to let people know that I had wonderful experience with Cindy School of Driving. I had Dave and Glenn as my instructors. Both were really good. Glenn is a awesome instructor. The practice sessions he guided me just before the actual road test really helped me a lot and I passed my road test:) All instructors will be on time for the classes and they will make sure they are giving their best so as to make us pass the road test.

Guhan Shanmugasundaram


I got my license with the help from Cindy Cohen School of Driving. I did not pass the test once, but it was not this anyone but DMV’s fault. The test officer showed up late and failed me for “being aggressive” but I was not (there was a car passing by when I finished parallel parking and the officer said I was being aggressive, which is ridiculous), and my driving coach (I remember his name is David) was also very angry about that office, who showed up late since he was helping someone else getting his permit when he was supposed to be taking my test. Fortunately, this driving school let me take the test again for free. I passed the test, got my license and recommended Cindy Cohen to all my friends who need a driving school, because THEY DO CARE ABOUT YOU. What’s more, about the course itself, they do not only teach you how to pass the test but how to be a good driver. I learned a lot of good habits from them. If you are getting your license, this is definitely a good place to go.

Dingkun Wang


Cindy Cohen driving school will be of great help with getting your license! Cindy and her instructors are extremely responsible, caring, and super friendly, who will offer you precise, detailed, throughly, profound instruction when driving and dealing with the traffic. Cindy, Ron, Lenny, and all other staff in the school are perfectly benign and patient. I will definitely recommend this amazing driving school to y’all.

Raymond Liang


I have know Cindy for over a year now and she is the most dedicated person to her work! She is committed to the success of all of her students and runs and excellent team of driving educators! Nothing praise for this lady!

Lilly Thrasher


I had a great experience with this driving school. I have my license but I was not comfortable driving on the highway. I call the school and the secretary was very helpful. She told me that they teach students who already have their license too. After 2 lessons with Freedie I finally feel confident driving on the highway.

Celeste Phillips


I got my driver’s license in less than two weeks after several lessons with Lenny. He did a perfect job for me, and I’m absolutely happy with their service. I will definitely recommend them to anyone!

Igor Chechushkov


Thanks to Cindy and her amazing staff I was able to become a licensed driver today. With incredible patience and redundant kind instructions I finally got it. I would recommend the school to anyone, they have flexible scheduling and very accommodating. Thanks again Cindy School of Driving for providing me with the necessary tools I needed to make this a success 🙂

Trina Mcanany


Just had my first lesson with Fred Galati at Cindy Cohen school of driving and it was awesome! Fred is a very helpful, kind, and patient driving instructor! He helped calm my anxiety that naturally comes along with driving and had a great attitude! Can’t wait to further my driving skills in my next few lessons! 😊

Ashley Natale


Passed my exam on Wednesday at Penn Hills. After I failed my first two road tests, I contacted Cindy Cohen School of Driving. I had Glenn as my coach and found him to be a very patient and excellent coach. I had one lesson with him, and he drove me to the road test on the test day. He taught me the trick of how to pass the parallel parking and gave me time to have 10+ tries of parallel parking on my own before my test. We also did a mock test, during which he pointed out every single tip I needed to know during my road test. I will recommend Cindy Cohen School of Driving to my friends who are looking for someone to help them pass the upcoming road test!

J Zeee


Cindy is the best instructor! She instilled driving confidence in my son from the outset. He came back from his first lesson driving like he had been practicing for month. She provided him with all the necessary tools to relax behind the wheel…and to pass his road test exactly 6 months after he got his permit! I highly recommend Cindy and Cindy Cohen School of Driving.

Jessica Parker


I have always been nervous about going to get my license. So I looked into Cindy Cohen driving school. Today was my first class and it was amazing. Fred was my instructor. He was patient, calm, informative, helpful, and understanding. He went into detail on some key things that I never knew about. I highly recommend this driving school if you are at all like me, and get a little nervous when driving. Thank you to Cindy Cohen and Fred for making today an amazing experience. I am scheduled for my next lesson!

Kimarie McKay


Just had my first lesson with Fred Galati at Cindy Cohen school of driving and it was awesome! Fred is a very helpful, kind, and patient driving instructor! He helped calm my anxiety that naturally comes along with driving and had a great attitude! Can’t wait to further my driving skills in my next few lessons! 😊

Ashley Natale


This driving school has helped me overcome my driving anxiety. I encountered two different instructors and both were patient and friendly while still being professional. As someone who put off driving for years due to anxiety I appreciated the comfortable environment my instructor created to help me learn in a positive way.

Staci Brant


I like Cindy Cohen. She is very nice and really a great wonderful instructor. I like her lessons. This is a really great driving school.

Tengjiao Chen


Cindy Cohen is a friendly, patient and extremely competent instructor!! It has always been a pleasure for a novice driver like me, to go for a driving session with her as her teaching style is precise, reassuring and personalized. She is punctual, accommodative and conscientious. Thank you for making me a safe and confident driver. Kudos to a brilliant teacher!

yogeeta chhaproo


Great instructors, teach every lesson professionally, help inexperienced drivers learn what they need to know about getting on the road. Would recommend to everyone

Izaz Ahmed


I highly recommend Cindy Cohen School of Driving to any new drivers! Cindy always keeps our lessons comfortable, fun and educational. She is patient understanding when you make a mistake and keeps working with you until you get it right. If your considering signing your son/daughter up for lessons you should definitely go for it!! Thank you so much for all of your help Cindy!! 🙂

Amanda Hurwitz


AWESOME,AMAZING and WONDERFUL. I called it WONDERSOMEZING!! umm I dont know what to say. Therefore, I will write about my experience.I used to have a bad driving habits such as not driving with two hands, not making complete stop, and not turning my head over my shoulder etc… it doesnt mean i dont know how to drive.i do. just having the bad habits which can make you not to pass the test. At Cindy’s school, they will teach you how to pass the test. They will give you the mysterious and secret recipe of how to get the driver license. you might be a crazy, drunken, F1 racer but you might not know how to pass the road test. Cindy’s school is the place for you if you are that kind of person. well technically it is the place for everyone who is trying to get a DL. they will show you all the necessary skills to pass the test. i think thats all i have to say. oh one more thing. they understand the english with foreign accent, too,if you are international student. you know what i mean 😉

Myo Thant


Krista is a awesome instructor! Her method of parallel parking is AWESOME! Thank You Cindy & Krista! 🙂 I’m definitely going recommend this driving school to my friends that don’t have their license yet!

Sarina Patel


EXTREMELY PATIENT!!! Will work around your everday schedule and not only teach you how to drive but make you feel confident and comfortable.

Antonina Butler


They are really great. I passed my test the very first time with 100%. They are all very nice. I would recommend Cindy to anyone. I only had 4 classes!

Morgan Corbin


I cannot thank Cindy and her colleagues enough for the excellent driving lessons over the past week apart from the smooth experience I had during my driving exam. They are instructors par excellence and for someone like me who has never lived in the U.S., getting a licence was incredibly easy. I would particularly like to thank Krista and Lenny for their time with respect to the nuances of driving and parallel parking respectively. I would happily recommend Cindy’s classes to anyone who is contemplating taking classes.

Neha Joshi


I had a good experience with Cindy Cohen School of driving. The lessons I took there made it possible for me to go from no driving skills to getting a driver’s license in my first attempt. Krista is a patient and smart instructor. I loved her teaching techniques. I would highly recommend this driving school.

Samrachana Adhikari


I arrived in Pittsburgh only about a month and was wondering how I should go about getting my Drivers License. That’s when one of my friends told me about CINDY COHEN SCHOOL OF DRIVING. I called up Cindy on a Sunday afternoon and she agreed to come over and pick me up in an hour’s time. She arrived promptly and we went out for the first lesson. The class was simply AMAZING. We went through the drill of parallel parking and Cindy’s tips made sure that in half an hour I was an expert. Then came the part of driving through the road. This time, Cindy made sure she explained clearly the significance of each and every sign on the road. In couple of hours time my confidence grew multi fold. On the day of the test test I felt pretty confident. Cindy gave me few last minute tips and I was ready to go. The test was over in 15 minutes and examiner said “Well done sir,Congratulations.. You’ve passed with 100%”. I felt there was nothing less he could awarded with the kind of training i had been through with Cindy!!:) Thank you Cindy for making the entire experience a memorable one!!!

Manu Cyriac


I LOVE CINDY COHEN DRIVING SCHOOL. they really live up to their motto “driving by the best”! After failing the test with another driving school I turned to Cindy.



Fred was a super teacher!!! Our son really enjoyed his time with Fred and the great tips and advice he was given. It was also easy to schedule a time that fit within our busy lives. We highly recommend Fred to anyone as a professional, skilled driving instructor!

Walt Graves


When I first started learning how to drive I was extremely nervous. All of my friends have used Cindy Cohen Driving School to learn how to drive, so I thought that I would try as well. I first tried working with Fred who is an extraordinarily calm person and immediately knew that all of the hype was true! Fred is an amazing teacher who always keeps his cool, and never guilts you for making an error, but shares all of his knowledge of the technicalities of driving with you. He is an excellent instructor. Krista is an amazing teacher as well. I had heard that many people hate parallel parking and so I was nervous to learn. However, Krista has a very detailed technique that makes it an easy feat! She takes her job very seriously, but always manages to make me laugh! After working with every driver in Cindy Cohen Driving School I can say that this is the place for anyone to learn how to drive. Everyone is extremely informative, kind, and has a great sense of humor. I went from being an extremely nervous, shaky learner with no sense of where my car was on the road to a confident and knowledgable driver. 5 stars!

Isabel Swoveland


I had to learn how to drive from having nearly zero experience, and I had to do it within a month. I was a very nervous driver, but my instructor, Lenny, gave me the confidence I needed to pass the exam. He was very patient, professional, and knowledgeable. Overall great experience, would definitely recommend!

A Lee


Ms. Cindy Cohen herself was my teacher and I owe a big thanks to her. she was patience and kind… I passed on my 3rd try and she was encouraging me every step of the way…. thanks for believing in me

Trouble Dixon


Great experience for our son……… Glad that he has those extra hours under his belt. Mastered the parallel parking with the help of Lenny and passed the first time. Well worth the investment!

Karen DiVito


My experience with Cindy was a great one. She helped me to perfect my driving skills and then to pass my test on the first try. Going with Cindy to the driving test course the morning of my test made it so much easier for me to pass the first time. Thank you, Cindy!

Bayla Oster


The owner, Cindy, was super nice! The lesson was completely personalized to fix my weak driving skills. I’m definitely going out again with her before taking my test. She even showed me the testing route for the local DMV. I’m so much more confident after just one lesson! I would recommend this company to anyone who needs to develop their driving skills, especially before a test.

Christina Speanburg


Cindy Cohen Driving School is a good school to learn driving skills, they take pride on teaching you the skills you need on the road. I would gladly recommend any one who wants to learn to drive to this school. They have really nice instructors that will work with you and stick with you. The instructors take pride in you cause they really want you to secede and learn to drive. What Cindy Cohen Driving School did for my dad, I am well pleased with. My dad got reinstated through this school and took lessons to obtain his driving privilege back. He passed his test, and I’m proud of him and Cindy Cohen Driving School for training him to get his license back in his hand. I give all my thanks for Gods help with my dad and Cindy Cohen Driving School, thank you and God bless.

Yvette King


I moved from NYC to Pittsburgh and was apprehensive about driving. After I read positive reviews of the driving school online, I booked lessons one month in advance. I worked with Dave, Eric, and Audrey within a span of four weeks. Each instructor was unique in his or her own way. However, all three instructors were knowledgeable, professional, and enthusiastic about teaching safe driving skills. The instructors not only taught me “hard” skills– they worked with me to build my confidence and coached me to predict others’ behaviors on the road. Additionally, I scheduled a road test at the last minute due to a cancellation, and Cindy went out of her way to find an instructor who could accompany me to the test. The quality of services offered at Cindy Cohen School of Driving is unparalleled. Anyone who strives to be a safe and lawful driver should take lessons through her business.

T Ho


Cindy Cohen School of driving is the best driving school in Pittsburgh because Cindy is affable, organized, and backed by experience. She has been super friendly since she came in front of my home. She talked to me nicely and assisted my control when necessary. Driving next to her, I felt safe and secure. Her instructions were also well-organized because she told me to practice my weakness repeatedly, soon after she noticed that my basic techniques are solid. I have long driving experience in my country, but I didn’t get used to parallel parking, so she allowed me to practice parallel parking until I became comfortable. Moreover, on the basis of her great professional experience, Cindy observed my driving style and gave me a lot of handy tips to pass the road test and drive safely. The way she taught me was very efficient and effective. I was so lucky to take her instruction because she is very popular and has a long wait list. P.S. Thanks to her, I passed the road test in my first attempt!

Abekawa Akimasa


My learning experience with Cindy Cohen school of driving is perhaps a bit different. I was short on time to learn driving in one month. I had no driving experience before. And for some reason I had to schedule the lessons in last minute.

Cindy and Sue always helped me book lessons timely. In the end, instead of staying with one instructor, I worked with four instructors in total — Fred, Dave, Bev and Krista — each for one or two lessons. The lessons turned out to be very consistent and of high quality. And I passed the road test today in my first attempt. I am very glad to have worked with people at Cindy Cohen school of driving! Thank you all very much.



Cindy Cohen school if driving is awesome…took my daughter who had a awful experience with another driving school and conformed her into a confident licensed driver who passed her test first try. Her instructor Fred was the greatest. He was so calm and informative taught her all the right things to drive safely. I feel safe with her driving due to your great classes and information
thank u Fred and Cindy

Tina Scott


Cindy Cohen school of driving is the best school out there. Serriously. If your even considering using an instructor call her. Everyone I know who used Cindy passed the test easily on their first try. She gives you the tools and confidence not only to do well on the test but for whenever your driving. I just took my driving test for the first time after spending about 5 or 6 sessions with her and I passed! She is so nice and easy to work with. She is patient and is always willing to do practice how ever many times you need. She is so sweet! Thank you so much Cindy for helping me be the best driver I can be 🙂

Devorah Leah Gordon


Cindy Cohen driving school is the best driving school out there! Cindy not only taught me all the techniques of safe driving but also made sure i was well prepared for the test! I highly recommend her too anyone looking to get driving lessons!

Rivky Epstein


Cindy Cohen driving school is the best driving school out there! Cindy not only taught me all the techniques of safe driving but also made sure i was well prepared for the test! I highly recommend her too anyone looking to get driving lessons!

Eric Yi


Thanks so much for Cindy and Fred. They give me and my husband a nice training for passing the exam. We got our license in the first test and we learn more about driving safety technology. Thanks for the big help, and I love the pink car! That’s awesome!

E Zhang


Well first let me say if you want to learn how to drive then this is the best driving school out there. I got my drivers liscense on November 18th 2015 . The instructor i had was great/aweseome/amazing ! When i went for my drivers test i wasnt as nervous as i was about a month ago when i started these classes. Then i was super upset at what happened yesterday when we got there and the driving examiner stopped my test, why did he do that you ask ? He stoped the test because one of the tail/brake lights were not working properly. So i had to wait about an half an hour to start my test over again, you can imagine my anxiety at this point . Lenny of course jumped and got it fixed asap. If you are going to have a driving school make sure your vehicles are properly inspected and working (which they typically are well maintained ) . Overall i am satisfied with Cindy Cohen’s school of driving , LLC and my instructor Lenny. Lenny you are a wonderful instructor, you answer all the questions, you help ease any anxiety or fear. Thank you so much lenny & Cindy Cohen’s school of driving

Amanda Evans


Fred is really amazing! The best. I passed the test with ease. They are far better than any other driving school. And ask for FRED.

Anish Ananthasamy


My daughter adores Cindy…after just one lesson with Cindy she is way more confident and one step closer to taking her test. Cindy made her feel calm and comfortable; she is personable, super patient and kind.
I would highly recommend her to anyone having trepidation about being road ready!

Christel kranick


Thanks to Cindy and her amazing staff, I became a licensed driver on 12/15/15. With incredible patience and redundant kind instructions, i finially got it. I was in several car accidents growing up which made me very reluctant to wanting to get my license. The staff was amazingly considerate of that and worked very hard at helping me grasp the neccesary info to make this a sucess. I would recommend the school to anyone, they have flexible scheduling and are very accomidating. Thanks again Cindy Cohen School of Driving for making what , at one point seemed impossible, possible 🙂

Trina McAnany


Great instructors! Patient and calm…really know what to do to help you learn…Cindy is really accommodating your schedule.

Eric R.

Stanton Heights, Pittsburgh, PA


Fantastic experience. Cindy rocks. I was a long-time non-driver and when I finally decided to get over myself, I called this school. Cindy talked to me one Friday night when she was supposed to be on vacation. She answered my many questions patiently and gave me some much-needed confidence. Long story short, I took lessons from Cindy over about a five week period. Yesterday I passed my exam with a perfect score. I truly could not have done it without Cindy, who I can’t speak highly enough about. I would recommend Cindy Cohen School of Driving to anyone without hesitation. Thank you Cindy!

Kate L.

Allegheny, PA


My name is Amivi I finally get my license today after one fail and I have to say thanks to my instructor Krista,she give me much confidence and was so nice with me entire time and that’s exactly what I needed and also thank you Cindy for this amazing driving school 100% satisfied and 10/10 recommend!!!

Amivi A.


I really like my overall experience with Cindy Cohen School of Driving. Dave Wallisch did a excellent job of showing me how to parallel park correctly. He was very patient with me can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me.

Jeraun K.


Best Driving lesson that I had in Pittsburgh. I used two other schools and hands down, Cindy Cohen School of Driving is the best school. The other schools that I took lessons from just drove me around nd there was no instruction in the car. Dave was my instructor and he was so technical in the car.

Shaun F.


my name is morgan and i had Cindy as an instructor and she was a very good instructor she helped fix all the little things just before i went to take my driving test and it helped me to pass my drivers test on the first try.

Morgan S.


My name is Day and I had Cidny as my instructor I honestly can say she is the BEST!!!! I had three lessons with her and she makes me feel so comfortable and confident in driving. Mind you I only driven a few times before scheduling my first appointment. She believed in me so much and I am happy to say I will be schedule my license in a few weeks. She is really perfect, awesome, caring and the list goes on it feels like I’ve known her forever. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CIDNEY COHEN SCHOOL OF DRIVING!!! It’s SOOOO worth it 🙂

Davonnia T.


Cindy is very easy to work with and instructs extremely well. I am three lessons in and she thought me how to parallel park and check my mirrors correctly. at first i was nervous to go out driving with her but after the first day it was enjoyable.

Skyler H.


Cindy is the greatest. She is an amazing driving instructor and tells you everything you need to know for the test and just driving in general! She rocks.



Taking driving lessons with Cohen and Galati was very beneficial and worth every cent. I learned so much in only a few lessons and passed my test the first try. I highly recommend their services.



They are the best! They have made two of my children excellent drivers. They have a thorough knowledge of driving laws and rules and are patient and encouraging. I would highly recommend Cindy and Fred to anyone who’s child is of driving age.


Fred is really amazing! The best. I passed the test with ease. They are far better than any other driving school. And ask for FRED.

Anish A., 12/11/15

I feel Cindy’s driving school has best instructors who are very patient, knowledgeable and can prepare their students for safe driving and feel comfortable behind the wheel. Her entire company handles all aspects from her office staff to her professional instructors. I would recommend to everyone.

Robert S., 12/4/15

Cindy Cohen school is awesome. They teach you patiently and perfectly. Audrey and Dave were very supportive and helped me learn it perfectly.

Vamsi K., 12/1/15

Learning to drive in your early 30’s can be challenging, well I did get my driver’s license thanks to Cindy ‘s school of driving. Dave was my driving instructor, he is great, he even took my to my driving test on his day off! Highly recommend the school and Dave as an instructor.

Maryia G., 11/30/15

Very happy with Cindy! While she was too booked for my Fiancee to keep her training up, she recommended me to someone who used to work for her and he was great! My fiancee passed on her first time!

Steven P., 11/24/15

Hi, I took lessons with Cindy Cohen School of driving and passed my driver’s test today. There are some really good instructors who assess your driving skills and help you become a safe and confident driver. A big shout out to Audrey who was my instructor on the test day and was such a calming presence 🙂

Nisha P., 11/17/15

The people there are great..Dave was my instructor and he was awesome! He was patient with me yet firm…At the end of my experience with cindy cohen I got my license!! Thanks Dave your awesome and thanks for not giving up on me!! I would recommend anyone to these guys!!

Amber B., 11/10/15

September 25th, 2010, my mother was involved in a car accident. The accident was so bad, her car was totaled. After immense rehab and physical therapy, she was terrified to drive. She refused to get behind the wheel. I finally convinced my mother to attempt driving again in 2014 and discovered Cindy Cohen School of Driving. When I called, I spoke directly to Cindy. She was so understanding of my mothers fear and very knowledge in techniques to help her overcome her obstacles. Once my mother got behind the wheel, Cindy made sure she was the instructor and demonstrated the utmost patience with her. After a few months, my mother felt comfortable enough to drive on her own. We have so much appreciation for Cindy and her school. She has given us our lives back and for that we are eternally grateful!

Kayla V., 10/27/15

I highly recommend this driving school!!! when I first contacted the driving school I spoke with Cindy herself and told her I am 29 years old and have a huge fear of driving! I have never been behind the wheel until my first lesson with the school! Today I took my second lesson this time around my instructor was Dave and he is absolutely wonderful!!!! I am very afraid and anxious behind the wheel, but Dave had a way of calming my nerves giving me a little bit of confidence. He did not push me too hard however he challenged me!!! Dave is a wonderful teacher patient and understanding! He is very thorough explaining things and making sure you were comfortable behind the wheel. Just an all-around nice guy. If he could make me comfortable I’m sure he’s capable of doing this with anyone I always felt like I was an extreme student Or would never learn how to drive until Dave gave me a little confidence .Now I am hopeful that I will be more than prepared when it comes time for the road test.

Thank you Dave,
I look forward to continuing to work with you

Fawn E., 10/25/15

Thanks for Cindy Cohen School of Driving especially Fred and Audrey Celmo-Kelly. I have been driving pretty well in a new state and city. My friend even cannot believe I am a new driver. Fred and Audred are so nice. They teach you many details of driving. I still remind myself of their lessons whenever I drive. Again, thanks for all of you.

Yu, 10/24/15

As a local insurance agent I’ve worked with Cindy Cohen driving school for a few years now. After doing my research on the top driving schools in Pittsburgh I came to the conclusion that this was not only the best but also most reputable and better priced compared to the others. After officially meeting Cindy I was impressed with her energy and passion. I’ve had many clients in Pittsburgh complete her program and will continue to recommend this driving school.

Chad G., 10/22/15

I just passed my road test. I took a couple of lesson at Cindy’s school of driving. Cindy took me to the test. They really have awesome instructors. They prepared me with what I need to know to pass the test, and showed me what to do in case something unexpected happens during the test (like parking away from the curb) . Cindy is a lovely person, very dedicated to her work, and she will go above and beyond to make sure you have anything you need on your test day and to pass on your first attempt. I highly recommend it!

Kinan K., 8/7/15

I have been driving in China for ten years, and I also got an US driver license from Washington state (but it has been expired). Based on my friend’s recommendation, I chose Cindy Cohen for help. The instructor named Dave was quite knowledgeable and helpful. Since street parking is my weakness, he provided me tricks to make perfect parallel parking. Also, the exam package is a nice preparation even for experienced drivers like me, since in the US driving safety is always the priority in road test and actual driving.

The schedule of Cindy Cohen is a problem since all instructors had been occupied during the summer break, but Cindy was active in finding a spot to fulfill my needs. I felt dispointed at the beginning for the delay of my schedule. If they had more flexible schedules, I could get my license faster. I have to say thank you to Cindy, with their support I am able to get my PA license in just two weeks, which is a pretty short time.

Tip: If you like to learn driving from Cindy Cohen, please make appointment early so that they can match your road test schedule with DMV.

Xianzheng G., 7/24/15

Cindy driving school is one of the best in Pitts

Teaching is really helpful to clear the test and importantly for our day today’s driving on the streets and highways.
Thanks Cindy & other instructors who made my license into being

Raghuraman S., 7/21/15

I moved from NYC to Pittsburgh and was apprehensive about driving. After I read positive reviews of the driving school online, I booked lessons one month in advance. I worked with Dave, Eric, and Audrey within a span of four weeks. Each instructor was unique in his or her own way. However, all three instructors were knowledgeable, professional, and enthusiastic about teaching safe driving skills. The instructors not only taught me “hard” skills– they worked with me to build my confidence and coached me to predict others’ behaviors on the road. Additionally, I scheduled a road test at the last minute due to a cancellation, and Cindy went out of her way to find an instructor who could accompany me to the test. The quality of services offered at Cindy Cohen School of Driving is unparalleled. Anyone who strives to be a safe and lawful driver should take lessons through her business.

T.H., 7/10/15

I just passed my test today, with Fred Galati as my instructor! Thank you again, Fred. I’m going to recommend my cousin to the school, and to especial to get Fred as his instructor!

Alise-lex W., 3/20/15

As I write this, Cindy has more than 70 fabulous reviews on her Google page (”¦ ), almost 600 “likes” on Facebook, and many glowing reviews on a bunch of other websites (SuperPages, Yellow Pages, Mojo, Yahoo, Manta, etc.).  She was my driving instructor this past five months and now I’m yet one more person who recommends her highly.  Don’t hesitate to contact her, for your own or someone else’s lessons.

I was afraid of driving for almost twenty YEARS after a friend died in an accident, and when I finally called Cindy last fall to set up my first appointment, she reassured me that she and I would be in it together and that she’d support me every step of the way.  And she was as good as her word.  I met with Cindy for 8 lessons between September and January.  She picked me up at my home at 6 am the morning of my 8:30 am driving exam last week,  we practiced and prepared for the road test from 6-8:30 am, and by 9 am, my exam was over and I was having my picture taken for my driver’s license.  🙂

The lessons don’t progress faster than you’re ready for, so if you’re scared like I was, it really WILL be okay.  You’re not going to be “forced” to do anything you’re not ready for.  I was ready to CRY before I began the first couple lessons but found myself calming down and even laughing during them, since Cindy was just so warm and funny.  Also, all the cars in her school have accelerator and brake on the instructor’s/passenger side too, which was a huge factor in my being able to get over my fear of driving and actually learn this time.  When I tried before, with my dad teaching me, I was still so traumatized and scared, I couldn’t really absorb what he was trying to teach and tell me.  Knowing that Cindy could safely control the car if I couldn’t is one of the biggest reasons I was able to learn this time.  It was almost like all the fear was a “noise” that I was now able to block out, and real learning was finally possible as a result.

Also, Cindy and the other instructors won’t let you schedule your driving exam until they are confident you’re ready for it.  They’re honest and fair.  (During one practice session, Cindy and I were driving around the DMV parking lot and paused to watch a student in another local driving school’s car attempt to parallel-park for her exam, and it looked like the student had never even SEEN parallel-parking before, let alone done it successfully, and it made me angry on the student’s behalf:  How could the instructor have even lived with him/herself for having taken this person’s money for that day’s lesson/test when (s)he knew the student wasn’t remotely ready?!?  Shame on them.  Cindy and her staff would never do that.

Any driving school could teach the basics–traffic laws, vehicle controls, driving skills–but Cindy Cohen School of Driving beats them all because of the genuine caring of the instructors.  Check out her school’s Facebook page to see all the pictures of the instructors with their students after the students have passed their exams!  Just looking at all those pictures and reading all the students’ stories last summer was inspirational to me–If they could do it, maybe I could too–and sure enough, now I’m one of the latest success stories there.  There’s a human touch–just a factor of caring–with this school that you won’t get anywhere else.

The prices are quite fair too.  As of today, it’s $85 for each 90-minute session, and that includes the fact that the instructor picks you up (at your home or workplace) and drops you off after the lesson.  The final session/practice/exam was $135.

I could go on and on, but truly, don’t hesitate to contact Cindy Cohen to set up an appointment or to start a conversation about the process.  She responds to emails, phone calls, and text messages–we exchanged a number of texts in the wee hours of the morning on the day of my exam that still make me laugh a week later, most of them along the lines of Cindy writing, “We’ll be fine today!!!  See you at 6 am!” and my saying, “I’m so nervous!  I want to pass this test so bad!”  🙂

And about six hours after she’d dropped me off at home for the last time after I got my driver’s license last week, she even sent me a text message asking how my cake was coming along.  I had told her after my exam that I was going to bake a celebratory cake for me and my husband for that night.  🙂  She’s just so sweet and good-hearted.  You’re not going to get that kind of service or goodness from another school around here.  She puts everything she has into it.  Be her next success story!  🙂

Winston Y., 2/4/2015

Overall a very enjoyable experience. I had a total of 5 lessons from two different instructors, both of whom were very kind and patient. Every time, besides driving on the roads and parkway, we practiced parallel parking until I was comfortable with it. The instructor also emphasized the importance of checking the blind spots and keeping a distance from other cars.

I also had the chance to practice for almost 2 hours before taking the driving test. We went through the course multiple times, and because I was familiar with the course, I passed the test despite the nervousness.

Vanessa S., 1/24/2015

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