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Cindy and her team have been wonderful! I’ve always had a lot of anxiety about driving but realized I couldn’t put it off any longer. I took lessons with Krista. She helped me conquer my fear of driving and being on the road. Krista is very experienced, down to earth, and a great teacher; she helped me feel comfortable behind the wheel. On the day of my test, she picked me up much earlier than my appt. so that we could practice the road test and parallel parking… and I passed my first try!

As a suggestion, I would book your lessons WAY IN ADVANCE, as they are often booked. They do have a wait-list and I can vouch that Cindy will actually call or text you back if they have an opening.

– Clayton

Cindy is a fantastic teacher. She was patient with me and made sure she explained my mistakes and what I should do to correct them. After I had a bad experience with her one driving instructor, she went out of her way to accommodate me and that made me feel as if she really did care about my experience. It’s nice to know that people still actually care about making their customers happy. Thank you very much Cindy!

Cindy’s School is the best driving school in Pittsburgh. I would recommend her services to anyone.

– Travis

Cindy helped my daughter out this summer; even when she was not a student of hers! Cindy saw my daughter getting ready to take her exam and offered her knowledge and time to help calm her”¦very thoughtful.

– Mary Jo

They have been wonderful in giving driving training. If you take 5 to 7 class, you can be rest assured that you will get license.

– Gayathri

For a very long time I had a phobia of driving and as a result, I never thought that I’d be able to obtain a license. When I was in my early twenties,I attempted to get my license because of pressure I received from my family. I had used a different driving school and with a combination of me not being ready to deal with my phobia and not meshing with my past instructor, I wasn’t able to successfully pass my test. After I failed my test, I had pretty much given up on driving, it became more of an issue than it ever had. Fast forward to now, I am 29 and realized that I was ready to drive. My mom suggested I call a driving school, but I knew I didn’t want to use the previous school. Upon searching, I found Cindy’s school. I checked out her website and got started right away. I told Cindy my “saga” of driving and she made me feel completely okay with it. She set me up with the instructor Jack. I can honestly say that Jack changed my life. I was so incredibly nervous for my first lesson, until the minute he drove in my driveway and we started to talk. As soon as I got dropped off from my first lesson, I called just about all family to tell them how much fun I had driving. I can say that I am so lucky that Cindy chose Jack for my instructor. Throughout the many sessions that I took, he went above and beyond to support me through my driving. Jack is extremely easy going, patient and most of all, he made me feel good about my driving. We went to take my driving test today, years after my first test, and I PASSED!!!!! Thank you Jack for changing my life!!!!!!!!!!

– Elyssa

Fred’s 20 years of experience as licensed driving instructor speaks for itself. Having grown up in a capital European city, without either the need or desire to drive, I was scared about the idea of learning to drive as an adult but Fred’s competence and calmness soon eased those fears. After each lesson I became more and more confident behind the wheel and I really enjoyed our lessons. His instruction was clear and tailored specifically to my needs. Moreover, he was always on time. He gave me very insightful advice about the driver’s test and I passed it on the first try. I definitely recommend Fred!!!

– Monika

I enrolled in her classes because I had not driven in more than 5 years; and had relocated to Pittsburgh and taken a job whereby I must drive to meet with clients.  I had 5 lessons; and drove to different parts of Pittsburgh. I was put at ease from the start. By virtue of a very kind and giving instructor, I was talked through many potentially difficult situations – and overcame a lot of my reticence and yes, fear of driving. I could go on in great detail about how professional and excellent Cindy’s school is. I heartily recommend Cindy to anyone – from the novice to the one who, like myself, is a professional person who has not driven in some time.Cindy has made a difference in my life – not only do I feel comfortable driving but I have the freedom and peace of mind in doing so.  Anyone who takes lessons from Cindy will not regret it; and will be so thankful that they decided to do so.
– Anita

The stars speak for itself. Professional, knowledgable and friendly instructors, reasonable pricing, and excellent experience overall. You will be confident after taking lessons with this school! The reviews don t lie and I was happy that I found them via online! Thank you Cindy Cohen and Jack Jackson! Please continue to provide great services to keep the bad drivers off the road!
– Susie

Great experience with them! I got a few driving lessons but it was time and money well spent. She’ll check your skills and comment/correct you to shape you into a better driver. You’ll make a Fine driver through this school. I think this is the best driving school in Pittsburgh plus you cant beat the price. Don’t have second thoughts if you want to learn driving, call Cindy right away!

– Shristi

After searching for a good while for a driver’s school I so happened to stumble upon a poster with Cindy’s number. It must had been fate due to the fact a I spotted one of the cars with bright pink letters. I couldn’t resist but to call. After being a little nervous Jack was a great teacher and gave me hints on driving on a street that has a hill and a quick dip and how to control it if there was any ice there. Jack was understanding, kind, and most of all funny. Today I passed my test after having Krista for about an hour and a half before I took my road test. After noticing areas where I was still shaky with, she like Jack gave me the confidence to believe in myself. The little hints and tips really was helpful. If I could I would do it all over again with this school.So I definitely refer anyone here who needs to work more on their driving or get their license. It is really worth the time and money!

– Mamimmi

I had great experience with Jack and Christa. They are very patient and helpful. My road test was canceled twice because of the bad weather. I would have asked them to take me to the test if I am not leaving Pittsburgh.

– Shuming

Thank you Crista!! This is an awesome driving school. Everyone was so helpful and our daughter passed her drivers test the first time after completing her lessons with Crista. Thank you so much for all of your help and teaching Katie to be a safe and responsible driver. We will definitely be back!!

– Richard

I loved the experience. I passed on the first try. They are thorough, will tell you what to look for and will be very patient with you. Will definitely take a highway class.

– Lyn

I took lessons with Cindy and she is the absolute best teacher I could have ever asked for. I was nervous to drive and she was very patient with me. Her lessons were well priced and I was amazed at how easy everything was with her. The only bad part is now that I passed my test, I won’t get to see her as much. I would recommend Cohen and Galati School of Driving to anyone and everyone.
– Mandi

I really have to take time in sharing my experience with Cindy Cohen school of Driving. I really know nothing about the car driving until I joined Cindy’s school and now I own the drivers license. I really appreciate the way the school teaches the students, takes care of them, understand their level of ease and guides accordingly.More than anything they are very punctual, dedicated and sincere…
Posted by Ck C on March 01, 2014.

I learned a lot from Cindy, she was so helpful.I passed my drivers test with no problems 🙂
Posted by Dustin J on March 01, 2014.

I am an adult who relied on public transportation all my life. After moving to PA and needed to drive. I also needed to build confidence and instruction/lessons teaching me how to drive in icy conditions. Cindy Cohen School of driving gave me confidence, taught me how to drive in snow and ice, and made everyday driving easy to understand. I am very happy I went with her company.
Posted by anonymous on February 25, 2014.

We called Cindy after our daughter had failed the test in New Kensington. Krista was our daughters instructor for two lesson and she was really good in teaching our daughter what she needed to know for the test and giving her more confidence. Jack also took her out once and was very good as well. Krista took her for her test in Greensburg and she passed. We are very pleased with the service…
Posted by Jenna H on February 24, 2014.

I have phobia, I was afraid of car. I never thought I could drive car. Started in Fall of 2013 took a lesson and first I was crying and afraid to Drive. Then instructor Krista was a patient person step by step we drove on highway. one day she told me I was ready for my test and I still didn’t believe and I was surprised/shock that I passed my test the first time.
Posted by Tatiana B on February 21, 2014.

I would highly reccomend this school to anyone I know or anyone who reads this.
Posted by Travis H on February 20, 2014.

Cindy’s School is the best driving school in Pittsburgh. I would reccomend her services to anyone.
Posted by Travis H. on February 19, 2014.

I used Cindy’s school for my daughter. She has become very confident. She was patient and knowledgeable. My daughter passed the drivers exam first try I highly recommend Cindy”s school.
Posted by Ray T on February 10, 2014.

I had a few lessons with her but I wish I knew them before I took driving lessons from another school. She was patient and thorough and gave me a lot of information that I’ll carry on for a lifetime of driving
Posted by Shristi R on February 08, 2014.

Cindy Cohen’s School of Driving is THE BEST!

I enrolled in her classes because I had not driven in more than 5 years; and had relocated to Pittsburgh and taken a job whereby I must drive to meet with clients.

I had 5 lessons; and drove to different parts of Pittsburgh. I was put at ease from the start. By virtue of a very kind and giving instructor, I was talked through many…
Posted by Anita B. on February 06, 2014.

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